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We hope you'll participate in requesting NASS continue to collect county level hay data.
It only takes a couple of minutes.

We urgently need you to submit comments to the federal register in opposition to NASS discontinuing county level statistics for hay. Comments must be submitted by December 16.

Due to funding, USDA's NASS (National Ag Statistics Service) is planning on discontinuing its collection and publication of important county level statistics for hay (alfalfa), including acres. As the nation's 3rd most valuable crop, this is unacceptable.

Alfalfa continues to be underserved at virtually all levels of USDA. We urgently need your help in expressing our opposition to this proposal.

Among other things, this data is used by the Farm Service Agency to carry out its legislative mandates and determine average yields by county to assist in determining participating farmers' compensation payments, by the Natural Resources Conservation Service for administering programs, and by the ag sector in general to enable the rental market for cropland to operate more competitively.

As a farmer or industry representative, please lend your support to our effort to urge NASS to continue hay statistics. Thanks for your help!

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